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Concur Travel

If your company and travelers prefer to book business travel through an online booking tool (OBT), Concur Travel offers a comprehensive and innovative online corporate travel booking tool

Concur gives you total control of your corporate travel program, by delivering a broad selection of travel content your business travelers need while providing policy enforcement and global capabilities.

Online booking with Concur Travel makes your travel reservations process quick, easy, and affordable for everyone involved in corporate travel. Concur Travel enables your organization to provide powerful online corporate travel booking capabilities for your employees – tailored specifically to your travel policies and preferred vendors.

Your business travelers are presented with access to the widest selection of air, hotel, rental car, and rail inventory.

Features of Concur Travel

  1. Broad inventory offers global booking solutions - Provide access to content from multiple global distribution systems, negotiated and published prices, direct connects, and web-only fares.
  2. Reports guide informed decisions - Gain complete insight into travel spending, track performance indicators (KPIs), and monitor trends/comparisons with more than 25 standard reports
  3. Travel planning keeps everyone compliant - Enforce internal policies and satisfy external regulations with Concur Request, a customizable pre-trip planning process that enables you to approve, reject, and request changes
  4. Mobile app streamlines business travel - Streamline business travel planning, itinerary management, and expense reporting for your employees, and control your travel spending
  5. Gain visibility, even for direct bookings - Concur TripLink helps you capture and manage invisible bookings, and includes TripIt Pro, which increases travel program satisfaction and makes trips visible in Concur.

Combining our experience and higher levels of client service as your business travel management company (TMC) with a customized online booking tool will ultimately lead your travel program to significant savings and a greater return on investment.